Thursday, April 25, 2013


Last night as my husband was preaching, I ran up to ER
to be with one of our ladies.  I love this lady and would do anything for her.  She has no close family in the area and the doctors thought her prognosis was severe and she was very shaken and scared.

I do not mind hospitals at all, I mean I am fine with people bleeding all over, I have no fear of needles or machines, and I like doctors as I know they are there to help and save lives.  Seems like I would be a great person to hold your hand and be a comfort to you at the hospital huh? 
Well.............not quite.
I seem to have a huge problem with being compassionate when people are hurt.  My boys hated when I took them to the ER and to this day still tell horror stories of them being in pain and getting shots, stitches and various procedures while thier mother laughed, cracked jokes and played with hospital gloves and stuff.  I try to be serious, I really do but.................

So, as we are sitting in the ER the first thing I do, being the good Pastor's wife I am, is pray with this sweet lady.  After that it all goes downhill as I joke and laugh with the patient, doctors and nurses, (some who didn't think it was as funny as I did, hmmmm......).  All through the night, in between my jokes, we kept praising God as they eliminated several serious issuses and gave God huge thanks and praise when the doctors found it was not as serious as first believed and gave my friend some prescriptions and sent her home.

As we were leaving, I did apologize and told her next time she would know to call someone with more compassion and declared this was why I could never be a nurse.  My friend turned to me and said, "Amy, you made me laugh, you calmed me down, you helped me get throught this difficult time. 
I definitely want you there if I have to go to ER again". 

So sweet of her to say, of course she was kinda really drugged up
when she said that................


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