Monday, October 22, 2012

Answered Prayers

My husband and I have been reading E.M. Bounds collection
 on Prayer for our nightly devotion.  It has really challenged us
 and totally changed how we pray.
This morning as I prayed for my unsaved family, I prayed that as I am so far away, I prayed that someone would talk to them about salvation, someone would give them a tract and invite them to church.  I also prayed that God would use me and guide me to someone that had a mom or dad or sister that was praying for them to be saved, praying for someone to talk to them and invite them to church.
Tonight one of sweet church ladies invited us out to dinner.  She had went to a pizza place last week and met one of their new waiters and because he was so nice and took such good care of their needs she wanted to go back there this week and have him as her waiter.  The waiter was named Chandler and had moved here a month ago.  We were able to talk to him and invite him to church.  He told us how he went to church when he was younger but had gotten in trouble and turned away from God.  He felt God tugging at his heart and he said he really wanted to get back into church.  We talked with him some more and encougared him to come to church.  He then told us that his mama still lived in Texas and was in church every Sunday and Wednesday and was praying for him to get back into church and restore his relationship with God.  When he came back one last time to give us our check, he told us he had texted his wife and that they would be in church on Wednesday.  Amen, Amen!
As we left the parking lot, Chep and were talking about what a blessing
it was to be able to talk to and witness to this young man. 
It suddenly hit me and I began to cry!  God had answered my prayed and used me to talk to someone that had a mama praying for him! 
What a mighty God we serve and I am so thankful to see God
answer my prayer so specifically and fully! 

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