Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Happy Birthday To My Love!

The last couple years have been rough birthdays for my dear sweet husband.  Two years ago on his birthday, my dear sweet husband
 moved to Cheyenne by himself as I sat by my dying dad's bedside.
My dad died a few minutes after midnight so while it technically wasn't my husband's birthday anymore, the night had not ended and still felt like the 20th.  Last year my husband was again left alone on his birthday as I had to return to Idaho to settle my dad's estate. 

This year I wanted to do something special for him
so we took him to the Denver Aquarium.

We had so much fun and enjoyed the time we spent there!

Mason, measuring the size of the trout they had there.  Yep, the one he caught and had stuffed is twice the size of the ones they had.

Saraina was so fun to take!  She had never been to a aquarium before and was amazed at everything she saw.

I liked this ugly, little guy! 
He was so fun to watch and stood on his fins at the glass watching us.

The jellyfish are one of my favorite exhibits!

Mason loved this guy and tried to get him to talk to him.

Mason made friends with this stingray when he got a few fish and was feeding him!  He kept jumping up out of the water and trying to get more!

After the aquarium we went downtown to the 16th Street Mall. 
I had never been there before but fell in love with it. 
The whole street, block after block after block are lined stores and shops.  The only traffic on the street are the mall buses that will carry you for free, up and down 16th Street.  We had so much fun walking and going in shops and buying little things here and there.  Chep loved the Rocky Mountain Chocolate store and bought chocolate covered caramel apples and chocolate covered Twinkies.  So yummy!  Raina got a lot of walking in so we will see if that helps the baby come soon!

To end the night we went to Cracker Barrel where Chep ordered his favorite meal with country Ham steak.  We got back into Cheyenne very late but very happy that God had given us another day to love each other and to enjoy the time He had given us as a family!

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