Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Coupon Shopping Trip

Today was a slower day so I was able to take some time and go shopping.  Anyone who knows me knows that my favorite hobby, my favorite activity, my favorite sport, is shopping! 
I started my shopping trip this morning at Safeway.
Some very awesome deals today and I only paid 14.49 for all this! 
 I try to keep extra cereal on hand to keep the prophets chamber stocked.  Also, whenever I can find soft soap for a good price
 I also grab it for the church. 
I spent under 2 dollars at Walmart for deodorant and sunflower seeds. 

And then at Target I found Eggo's on clearance,
 so with my coupons I got all four boxes for $2.72. All in all a very good shopping trip with me spending less then $20!
The Bracketts had their next meeting in another church here in town
 so they spent the day packing their vehicle up and left before evening services started.  I planned on cleaning the prophet's chambers tomorrow and restocking it with food and needed items for the family we have staying next week.  Right before our services started we had a family come that were missionaries to Thailand.  The Yarbrough family were on their way to Oregon and stopped to join us for services. 

My husband asked Emanuel to speak and share his families burden for Thailand and preach for our church services.
After services my husband offered to let them stay in the prophet's chamber so I ran and stripped the beds and remade them with clean sheets, cleaned and scrubbed the bathroom and tided up the rest of the rooms the best I could in such a short time.  Mason was so sweet and ran and got me milk to put in the fridge and I put several boxes of the cereal I had bought today in the cupboards and also put out the new soft soap.  (So glad I went shopping today!)  They thanked us as they said it saved them so much money not having to get a hotel room. 
I now have the bedding for the prophet's chambers in the washing machine and will clean and get everything ready tomorrow as soon as these missionaries pull out.  We just never know someone else will come through and need a place to stay!

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