Tuesday, July 3, 2012

VBS - Day Two

We had 35 kids this morning for VBS! 
"Whose the best, boys or girls?"



The boys had the heaviest offering!  (Yells and screams!!!!)

Today in our missionary story we learned how Doc Vic met Joan and they got married and how Joan's parents were praying for Vic and Joan to get saved!  Doc Vic also taught medicine to interns and several of the interns told him how they could not believe evolution
and witnessed to him of their faith.

During class time the kids worked so hard memorizing verses
 and earning Bible bucks!  A lot of the kids were excitedly telling me they had over a hundred Bible Bucks!

During gametime today, Pastor looked across the street
and noticed the SWAT team and several police cars parked at entrance of the trailer park next door.  It made us very nervous but Pastor kept an eye on the situation and they left before we finished game time.  Our church is in a rough part of town and we are always watching and praying that God will keep our church and all the people who come, safe.

After game time, the kids had a Bible story and salvation message followed by a few tricks before they were dismissed for the day.

We were down in numbers of teens tonight but still had a great time! 
For game time they played Shoot the Rabbit and Pillow Polo,
 two of their favorite games to play.

The message tonight was on compromise and it was an awesome message with many teens asking the Lord to help them to stay away from unrighteousness and follow those things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, and of a good report.  Praying for the teens, that they will follow God and not compromise to any of the world's standards!

For dinner we had pizza!  Everyone loves pizza!

Again we had an awesome day and we are praying fervently
 that even though it is the 4th tomorrow we will still have a good turn out
and even see some new faces!

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