Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ladies G.A.B. Night

Tonight was our monthly Ladies G.A.B. Night (Gathered Around the Bible).
All our ladies love G.A.B. night and I'm not sure if it's because of the devotion, the food, the craft or if it's because of all the laughs we have!  Tonight our devotion was  "Are People Afraid of You".  So often our children, our friends, our family and even our husbands are afraid of us because of our words and reactions to what they say to us, what they share with us or the decisions they make that we do not agree with.  Psalm 19:14 says that our words and thoughts need to be acceptable in God's sight.  Our words and reactions hurt others and make them fear us because we feel that things should be done our way, that other's ideas are not as good as ours, that others are not seeing the the situation or problem the same way we are, or that other's actions or way of doing things inconvience us.  We had a wonderful Bible study about how all our thoughts, our actions, and our words need to be gentle and not grieveous, loving and not harsh, soft and not full of strife.  Psalms 141:3 says we need to constantly be asking God to help us set a watch over our mouths so that nothing unrighteous comes out of our lips .   

For our craft we made magnetic words to put on our fridges,bathroom mirrors or desks at work.  Some ladies chose verses from our Bible study and some ladies just chose words from those verses to remind them to keep their words gentle, soft and gracious.

For dinner all the ladies brought their favorite salad topping
and we made yummy salads.  Notice there are not many green veggies on my salad, I hate green things!

What a sweet time of fellowship we had tonight and I thank God for another night to study His Word with other ladies!


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