Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fighting Hunger, Physically and Spiritually

Today was our monthly food bank day. 
Our church is one of our cities distribution places and it gives us the chance to feed people not only phsically but spiritually.  Although no one has to come to our church in order to get help with food, we are able to witness to those that come and invite them to church services.  In this time of economic struggle, there are so many people that see their need for material help but have no idea of their greater need of salvation.  We pray that every person we are able to help with their physical needs, we can also help with their spiritual needs.

Tonight was also our weekly door knocking and visitation night.  Every time I go door knocking here I am just amazed!  The difference in people and their attitudes here, compared to Idaho is so totally different.  In Idaho we would knock on door after door and have most people give us very short answers and many doors were shut in our faces but people here are so friendly and willing to open their doors and talk to you about God and church and their beliefs.  We had a wonderful night and were able to share the gospel with many people and are praying that we will see some of those people visit our church on Sunday.

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