Thursday, May 3, 2012

In the Waiting Room

I knew I would have to get up extra early today and spend several hours in the waiting room when I was asked to take one of our church ladies to a surgical appointment.  I tried to snuggle in my comfy bed for as long as I could before I had to jump up and get ready and head out the door.  On the way out I grabbed my Bible to read as I sat and waited.  I just started reading through my Bible again and am currently in Numbers and knew that this would be a good chance to get through this book.  Numbers is not my favorite book of the Bible and I usually have to push my way through it, but today I saw something I had not seen before and it made me stop and think about Satan and his lies.

I read about Balak and how he told Balaam
that he would promote Balaam to honor and do whatever he asked if only Balaam would curse Israel. Of course we know that the Lord would not allow Balaam to curse Israel but only bless them.  Balak was so upset with Balaam that he says this 

Numbers 24:11 - Therefore now flee thou to thy place: 
I thought to promote thee unto great honor; but, lo,
the Lord hath kept thee back from honor.

This is a lie that the world often tells us and our children. 
If you follow God and seperate yourselves to him, you will lose a blessing.  The world tries to to put doubt into our minds, just like Satan put doubt into Eve's mind, that God is not really that good.  The world wants us to think that it is God that is holding us back and not letting us enjoy everything to the fullest.  Satan wants us to see what blessings the world would have given us if we had not been following God because he wants us to be discontended with what God has given to us.  It is that little bit of doubt and discontentment that turns into rebellion against God and starts us down a worldly path that is full of serving ourselves and not God.  It is so important that we keep our eyes and ears open to lies that Satan is telling us through the world today.

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