Saturday, May 19, 2012

Church Clean Up

You know the "Barney" clean up song?
Clean up, Clean up, Everybody everywhere,
Clean up, Clean up, everybody do your share.
That song was running through my head, (still is actually),
 as several of our church members gathered today to clean the church from top to bottom.  Although someone cleans the church every week, at least once a year we deep clean and scrub everything down.  We scrubbed walls, washed windows, wiped base boards, cleaned lights, and dusted and vaccummed every corner.

Of course as we cleaned we talked and laughed and laughed some more! It was a wonderful time of fellowship as we worked together.  The men had planned on doing some outside projects but were rained out, so they sweetly came inside and moved things so we could clean behind and underneath all the heavy stuff.

After the rain stopped, the men were able to head outside
and were able to work on some their projects.

Taking the axels off a trailer, which will be our new, short term prophets chamber.  It is really nice inside and it will be nice to have a place for people passing through to stay.

The men also worked on tilling up the playground so we can plant new grass!  The playground is very uneven and full of weeds so we are excited to be able to till it all up, even it out and regrass it.

   SheBear saw the guys digging up the dirt and thought she would too! She is such a big help too!

We got a lot done today and are excited to see what God
will do in services tomorrow.

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