Monday, July 13, 2015

Stones and Stone Soup


We are enjoying our Summer Revival with Michah Brackett.  Tonight's message was so convicting as he talked on watching the doors of our house and protecting our children and grandchildren from the unrighteousness
that so easily besets us.

Since we are in a nightly revival  started a pot of stone soup. 
This makes it easier for those who come to church right after work to have something hot and ready to eat.  Someone brought elk meat and so I put together and elk stew.  Everyone loved it and said it was so good. 
I personally hate soup and did not even try it!

For Lunch today, Michah treated us to a Southern Slow Boil. 
We had never heard of this before so we were excited to try it!  We got out the turkey fryer and Michah added Old bay seasoning, potatoes, corn, sausage and shrimp.  The smells coming out of the pot where fabulous!

After cooking for almost two hours, Michah poured out the water
and then poured the rest of the contents on the table.  Everything w
as so good and we totally stuffed ourselves!

Most nights before church starts, you can find these two adorable guys standing outside the front door, playing in the rocks.

Tonight they were scooping up the rocks
 and putting them on the outside bench.
One of our men sat with them and taught them to fill their pockets
with the rocks.  The boys loved it and soon had pockets so weighed down with rocks it was pulling their breeches off!  When it was time for church
we had to talk them into leaving the rocks outside the church.  Of course a few rocks made it into the church and as we were picking them up off the kitchen floor someone commented that the boys were just trying to contribute to the stone soup! It may be called stone soup
 but I think we'll keep the real rocks out of the soup!
Two more days of revival and looking forward to see what God will bring us!

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