Saturday, July 11, 2015

July Titus Girls

I had to pick the girls up earlier than usually today as the lady hosting Titus girls lives on the other side of town.  Within ten minutes of riding with our girls I was feeling mentally and spiritually exhausted!  Hearing everything that has happened at their houses this week, listening to them tell me what they were doing, what they were planning to do and what their parents were letting them do so was heart wrenching!  So much drama, so much ungodliness, so much confusion and disorder in their households and lives!  I tried to gently and lovingly tell them what God says and what God wants them to do but I really wonder how much of what I shared really will have any effect on them.
Mrs. Samantha shared her testimony with us and
then brought a message on having purity in our thoughts and actions. 
We looked up verses and definitions of words as we studied each verse out and how we could apply it to our lives.
For lunch Mrs. Samantha taught the girls how to make
Chicken, Rice and Mushrooms.  While it was cooking we learned how to make homemade laundry soap. 
First they grated the soap and then melted it on the stove. 

They then added a couple of other ingredients and put it all in a big bucket with lots of hot water.  The girls then stirred all the ingredients together and after letting the soap sit for 24 hours the soap will be ready to use. 
The girls thought this was so fun to be able to make this!
For our craft Mrs. Samantha had picked up charms to go with each
point of her devotion.  A rose for inner beauty, a ring for purity before marriage, a key to our hearts that should only belong to God, and a cross to help us to remember that we should always look to God for the
answer to every problem and temptation we have.
The girls braided their bracelets with their favorite colors.  I had to laugh as some girls used their teeth to hold their strings as they braided while others used their toes!

The girls loved their bracelets and each asked if they could each make another one to share with a friend.  I truly love these girls and am praying that God will touch each and every one of their hearts with His Word and His love so they can be the young women that God wants them to be!

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