Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Prepping for Free Day

We have been so busy that I have not done anything to get ready for "Free Day" and so today I was so busy!
First I put together trays of snacks. 
 Breakfast bars, crackers, Butterfinger Cups, jerky and sunflower seeds.

I rounded up everything for our face painting booth. 
Watercolor pencils, cups for water, chairs and TV trays for each face painter.  We use watercolor pencils because they work so well and are easier to draw and color with and they also last for years.  I bought several packages three years ago and have not had to buy any more. 

I hate making signs, thus why I scribbled these signs to go by the road.

I asked my husband to make the sign for the face painting booth and this is what he did.  Hmmmmmm...........
This afternoon I had to run one of our ladies to the doctors office and then I ran to get hot dogs.  I bought 200 hot dogs and we have a few other people bringing some also.   We will see if we have enough for everyone!
When I got home, Chep, Mason and one of our church men were cutting down a tree.  We have had problems with this tree for years and my husband has been wanting to remove it.  In the middle of cutting it down, it started raining and raining hard!  Because we will have so many people in the yard tomorrow, they had to get the job finished so they continued working in the rain.  They finally got it cut down and in the pouring (and I do mean pouring!!!) rain we moved all the wood and branches to a pile in another area of the yard.  By the time we finished we were all soaking wet! 

After a quick change of clothes I wrote up a small tract
about salvation being a free gift.  Free parking, free hot dogs and snacks,
free salvation, get it?  I printed these on cardstock and we will be putting them into the John and Romans that we will be handing out
 to every car that comes into our parking lot.
I am so excited to see everyone come out tomorrow but I told my husband that next year I want to assign someone to start putting everything together earlier than the day before Free Day! 

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