Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Two Months and Sixteen Days.......

It sounds absolutely terrible but I am counting down the days
until the end of the year.  Earlier this year I shared a post about the promise I made God to hand out Just One More Tract everyday this year.  This has really pushed me out of my comfort zone as I have approached and talked to people and given them a tract.  I have left my warm cozy house on days it has been pouring rain and we have been under tornado warnings, a few days it has been freezing and snowing so hard, a couple of days I dragged myself out of bed as I was just too sick to get up and there have been those days I have just not wanted to go out and find someone to give a tract to,
but I have pushed myself and done it!
For the most part people have been so nice and smiled as I talked to them and then taken my tract.  A few have thrown it away as soon as they pass a trash can, one guy left it on the park bench and a small handful of people have told me no thank you and walked away from me.  It can be so discouraging to have someone refuse to take your tract but I simply say a pray for them and walk up to the next person I see.
Recently we had our fall revival and were out to lunch with our evangelist Micah Brackett and his wife.  We love this couple and always have such great fellowship with them!  As we were leaving the restaurant I noticed a teen girl with a gorgeous cross on her purse.  I walked up to her and told her I loved her purse and asked her what the cross meant to her.  She said she simply liked the design.  I then shared with her what the cross meant to me and gave her a tract.  She smiled and said thank you and we left to our car.  As we were pulling out, Brother Brackett noticed this girl and her friend at their car and he said he saw a wisp of smoke as he watched this girl and her friend go back in the restaurant.  He said "They just burned that tract.".  
I told him I didn't think they would do that,
 so he then jumped out of the car and took this picture.
I was shocked!  How could someone so young be so turned against God and the gospel!  I pray daily for this girl to hear the gospel again and to get saved and not to have to endure the fires of hell that are waiting
 for all those who do not accept His plan of salvation.
The next night we were out again with the Bracketts,
and I saw this young girl waiting for older sister to get off work.  I approached her sister and asked if I could give her little sister a tract.  She said yes and I approached the girl and told her a little of my testimony of going to church as a young girl and hearing the gospel and giving my life to Christ.  I gave her the tract and for the next ten minutes I watched as she read every word in that tract.  As we were leaving Brother Brackett invited both of the girls to church and although we haven't seen them at church yet, I pray that they too will have a chance to hear the gospel again and get saved.
Handing out a tract a day has definitely helped me become stronger in talking to people about the gospel and opened my eyes to really see the people around me more but I am still looking forward to being done with this promise!  Two Months and Sixteen days to go....

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Ministry Life Keeps Us so Busy.......

This poor blog gets swept to the side so often as we get so busy
with ministry and our family!  Speaking of which,
the reason I have not blogged lately is......
This beautiful little lady joined our family this month
and I have been busy loving and cuddling this precious one!

She is such a cutie and oh so sweet! 
She is the first little girl we have had in our family so she definitely is getting a lot of attention!  So if you see me missing long periods of time between blog posts you know the ministry is keeping me running or I have decided to sit for a while and do nothing but enjoy my grandbabies!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Saraina's Maternity Pictures

Only three weeks left until Little Lady arrives!  It was a gorgeous day out so we decided to go ahead and get pictures just in case Little Lady came early!

Little Man was a little grumpy and did not want to smile so Chandler and Saraina tried to get a grin out of him.

His smile in response to them is so cute!




I think the pictures turned out so cute
and we are so excited for Little Lady to get here!

Will Please Cook for Me

Tonight was water night with the teens and they had a blast!

They ran and slipped and slid and wrestled in the water and by the time
they were done they were soaking from head to toe!

I had made a couple of crockpots full of hot soup to warm them up
because I knew they would be cold after all the water games.

The teens loved the soup and ate every drop!  One of the teens came up to me and told me how good the soup was and asked if I would come to their house and cook for them every night.  They said with their mom working, all they ate was frozen pizza and other stuff out of the freezer.  Sadly over the last few years a lot of the teens have said this to me.  With so many women working outside of the home now a days, women are too busy and tired to cook after a long day but kids and teenagers have growing bodies
that need the nutrition of a good, solid, home cooked meal every night. 
So sad to see this basic need not being met in so many kid's homes!

On Wednesday after church I treated my husband to a shake
at Sonic with a note telling him how thankful I am that he is always
so careful with his hygiene and appearance.

Last night I wrote him a note thanking him for being my rescuer!  I lost my keys inside the mall and although I walked around everywhere, I couldn't find them.  My husband dropped everything and came to give me the other set of keys to the van.  Right as he was pulling into the mall parking lot I found my keys at the wall office where someone had just turned them in. 
 My sweet husband was not mad that he came across town for nothing but just gave me a kiss and said he would meet me at home. 
I gave him a bottle of Tabasco because it is his must have for all meals. 
Cut my husband open and he will bleed coffee and Tabasco sauce!

Tonight I gave him a shirt to wear on his birthday next week and gave him a card and told him how much I love that he is so compassionate.  He is tender and caring and is helping when someone gets hurt, listens to their sad stories and just overall listens to people and lets them know he cares about them.  He is just such a sweet, sweet guy and I love him!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


The flowerbed at the church entrance was looking very overgrown
 and undercared for.  One of our ladies sweetly offered to come and spruce it up and make it look better.  As she started pulling weeds and overgrowth she noticed a few bees start buzzing around her.  And then a few more.....
and a few more.......  She called me to come look and when
I stepped outside I got stung on my nose!

My husband and Mason went out to find where they were coming from and found them swarming from behind the panels on the church building.  Mason started pulling off the boards to see what was behind the panels. 

What a brave guy to put his head there!

Of course he soon ran into the church and shut the door as the bees came after him!  Notice the electric tennis racquet he has in his hand.  He used it often as he chased bees that were buzzing around his head!

This is what he found inside, bees and their hives buried in the insulation.

See the pod clusters?  Gross!

Chep, Mason and one of our teen boys pulled all the insulation
out from under the building and threw it in a bag.  They then doused the area with water and will keep dousing it down a couple of times a day for the next couple of weeks to make sure the bees have decided to build their hive else where!  Our teen did not get stung at all, mason only once and Chep got stung almost ten times!  Glad that task is over!
I am continuing to give Chep a note and gift each day this month.  After a long day out with the guys, shooting on the shooting range, I gave him a note saying I love how manly he is in all his thoughts, words, deeds and actions.  So glad I am not married to a guy who is feminine in any way!

I get Chep a tea every Sunday as he works in between services going over his message.   In this note I thanked him for preaching the Word of God. 
I truly think my husband is an excellent preacher and when I'm away at another church I really miss his preaching! 
He says the Swedish Fish are his favorite gift so far. 
He is such an easy guy to please!  He had been gone all day ministering
at the hospital, helping a church member in need, picking up kids for teen night and then helping our son fix his car.  I told him how much I appreciated him giving his time to others.
I gave him a new thanksgiving journal and told him he needed to write, Thank you God for not allowing me to be allergic to bees!  I wrote and told him how thankful I was to him for being faithful to me.  Staying by my side no matter what we've been through and staying faithful to our marriage.

Last night I gave him a new pack of socks because he goes through socks
so fast.  My dear husband is clean and will change socks several times
a day if his feet sweat at all.  I told him thank you for loving me no matter
if I was mean or grouchy or not just not being nice. 
Through thick and thin and all my moods he has loves me. 
I truly have such an awesome husband and I love telling him!


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Do You Know Your Husband's....

Love Language?
I knew my husbands love languages before we had even gotten married. 
 A few months after we started dating I went over to his house
 on Christmas.  The tree had so many presents under it and I will never forget when his mom pointed at an unwrapped pillow and told my husband that was his Christmas present. My husband barely glanced at it and told his mom thanks as we headed out the door. As I asked him if that was his only Christmas present, he said yes and explained that all the other presents under the tree were for his little brother and sister.  He told me that on his 11th birthday he received a bag of candy for his birthday because his mom said she didn't know what else to buy him.  Every birthday and Christmas since then he had received a bag of candy or other little article while his brother and sister received loads and loads of toys on the holidays.  Needless to say he loves when I give him presents.  Doesn't matter if it's his birthday
or Christmas or just because, he loves to receive gifts!
He also loves words of affirmation.  Growing up he had many, many negative things said to him so he loves it when I thank him, lift him up or encourage him.  That's one of the reasons I have chosen to give him a gift with a note, card or letter each night of his birthday month.  He has said over and over how much he is loving this and actually anticipates his gift and note each day!

On Tuesday I gave him a Big Hunk bar and wrote him a love letter
telling him his was "my hunk".

On Wednesday his throat was still hurting and he mentioned that he wished he had a watermelon to eat as it would be easy to swallow.  I ran out and got him one and wrote a card telling him thank you for working so hard all these years and being our families provider and giving us all we need and more.

Tonight I wrote and told him how I love his spirituality. 
How I have loved watching him grow in the Lord, how I love him sharing with me what he is studying each day, what he is being convicted of and what he is struggling with.  He is the spiritual head of our family and I love him leading us!  His two favorite things are licorice and watermelon, so when
I saw watermelon flavored licorice I knew he'd love it!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Selfie Love

I love getting onto my phone and find that Little Man has
left me a bunch of selfies.  Such a cutie!