Thursday, October 13, 2016

Writing Out Jonah

Our Wednesday Night Bible Adventures, "Hey Jonah",
 has been amazing so far!   The kids (and me) are learning so much 
as we dig deep and apply each verse to our lives. Each week we add pictures to our wall and then review them every week.

This year, each of the kids made Jonah books. 
I found little craft notebooks in the kids crafts at Hobby Lobby and everyone spells out the title "Jonah" at the top and their names at the bottom.  We then added whale stickers, and I think turned out so cute!

Each week after story time, we then write out the verses we studied in class.   Did you know in Dueteronomy 17:18-19, it tells how when the King took the throne, he was to copy the law so he would know to love and fear the Lord and that he would also know what to do and what not to do!

I think this is great for the kids to do and helps them really
 get God's word into their minds as they copy it. 

 I love watching how focused each child is as they
painstakingly write each word down.

Keith wrote a few letters in his book last night
and then drew some green flowers.   Beautiful!
In May, at the end of our Adventure year, they will each have copied
 the whole book of Jonah and I hope the books will become a keepsake to each of them!  I love teaching the kids how precious God's Word is and how important every Word is!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Couples Date Night

Last night was Married Couples Date Night and we had so much fun! 
We started out with a Photo scavenger hunt around town.  We put together two couples for each team and away they went to find the crazy and fun things on the list and be back within 60 minutes!

Everyone on a dock......

Your team stopping to have a snack......

Two items in one picture, a train and also graffiti.........

A Memorial and a Bible verse...........

A place you don't want to go........
The letter Z........
It was a photo finish getting back to the church with everyone laughing
and running into the building before our time was up.
 (Our team was one minute late!!!)  There were 40 items on the list and although no one got them all, everyone had so much fun!  After we got back to the church we had a slide show of the photo's and laughed and shared our experiences taking the pictures! 

We then went to the Tortilla Factory and continued to laugh and fellowship. 
It really was a great night of fun and everyone was asking when we are going to  have the next Photo Scavenger Hunt!  Going to have to put this on our yearly schedule of activities!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Grumbling or Counting?

Last night my husband got some very disturbing news that could adversely hurt our church.  Although we prayed about it, thoughts of the impact kept running through my mind as I drifted off to sleep.  When I awoke this morning I was still thinking of these things and my attitude was not very good. 
 As I sat down to have my prayer time, I think I grumbled and complained to God more than I really prayed.
After my devotions I started a batch of coconut bread to take out to several people I'm witnessing to.  Of course halfway through I realize I'm out of oil.  I quickly showered and did my hair so I would look presentable as I went out, of course I was grumbling the whole time.  I got to Walmart and picked up the oil and got stuff to make the men's Bible study dinner with and decided before I left the store I would check out the clearance aisle.  Love the clearance aisle!!!
The first thing I saw was this lone pillow sitting on the shelf.  "Count Your Blessings"  I had definitely not counted my blessings this morning, in fact I had only counted what was wrong with our situation.  Everything I grumbled about made me think of something else that made me grumble more!  I felt like God was speaking directly to me, telling me He was tired of my grumbling and wanted me to stop and Count my Blessings.  At that moment I repented and told God I was sorry and right then I did start counting my blessings.
I counted my blessings through the rest of the store and my drive home and as I put the pillow in the chair I sit in and have my devotions in.  I started to cry as I realized how, for God this is a little thing.  God has blessed our church and our family in so many ways that I am not going to look at my grumblings anymore but cling to the blessings and promises God has given me!

Friday, September 2, 2016

My Veiw Today

Seemed like I drove a lot today and this was my view all day. 
I had to take a lady to an appointment, another lady and I went on visitation and there were several church errands I ran around town doing.  Not glamourous but what my day of ministry consisted of.

When I got home late this afternoon I argued with myself because I did not want to go for my run!  I usually go right in the morning after my Bible study but was too busy today!  I tried to use every excuse I could but in the end felt guilty as I had promised God this new commitment of running every other day for the next year.  I was dragging but I ran my miles and feel so much better because I did!  Not because I ran but because I kept my promise to God!  One week down and only 51 weeks left of running three times a week!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

September Goals

Time is going so fast and it's hard to believe it's September already!  Today I sat down and made my new daily goal list for the month.  I love my goal list and love how it helps me to stay on track of where I want to grow and change and also just something's I need a push to get done. 
I have had and followed my daily goal list for three years and this past May I decided I was tired of following it and just wanted a break. This summer I have been so busy that I didn't do many of things that I feel help me grow spiritually each day and help me be a better wife and pastor's wife.  Also the whole summer went by without me spending anytime crafting, trying new recipes from Pinterest or learning to handletter.  Things I enjoy but I get too busy to fit them in my schedule!  I truly missed my daily goal list and am excited to get back on schedule with it. 

I am keeping Colossians 3 close in my thoughts as I have promised God to live daily by these Words this year.  For my morning Bible Study I am taking the verse apart word by word and really digging deep into what God is saying.  I have been totally convicted in the first two verses and am examining my life as per how much time I spend pursuing the things of God versus the things of the world.  My affections need to more on God, His Word and spreading the love of Christ instead of checking my phone or Facebook so often!  I have been convicted and challenged with several other things in Colossians 3 and will share them soon in another post!

Monday, August 29, 2016

New Goals and a New Adventure

Since finishing my year long junk food free year and losing 80 pounds I have been praying and asking God what he wants me to do to continue to challenge myself and help me to grow into the person He wants me to be. With God leading and guiding me I have decided to make two new goals for the next year, one physical and one spiritual.

First physically, my goal is to workout 6 days a week. I still have almost 40 pounds I want to finish losing and in order to lose more weight than I have, I know I need to focus on physically pushing myself. I plan on alternating between running and doing TaeBo throughout the week and doing sit-ups daily to tighten my tummy.  I also will be focused on eating healthy. Although I do not plan to be as strict on eating as I have in the last year, I still want to stay away from the sugar.   

Secondly, spiritually I will focus on living Colossians 3 daily. There is so much good stuff in Colossians 3!  Things to put off from ourselves and also things that should show in our lives. Every time I read this chapter I am convicted of things I need to change and do in my life as I work at becoming a more mature Christian. So many things I see that I need to do to become a better wife and helpmeet, a better mother,  also a better Pastors wife to our church people.  I need to be more patient and less irritable, more kind and humble and less argumemt and prideful. I need more Godly attributes in my life and less of the worlds attitude!  I think Colossiams 3 really hits so many of these areas and it is definitely going to be a challenge to embrace and live this chapter out loud daily!

I truly believe Phillipians 4:13, I can do all things through Christ which strengtheth me. With God, I can challenge myself and I can change my life in the ways I see that will make me a better person.  A better person for God as I serve Him and show others the power of Christ in my life!

This year will be another year of adventure as I give up my will and follow God as He changes my life both physically and spiritually!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Jonah Mural

Less than two weeks until the new year of Bible Adventures
 starts and there is still so much to do!
Today we worked on our Jonah Mural.  On half of the wall I wanted to do a storyboard on the Book of Jonah and what we learn each week. 
First I taped up stencils and traced the stencils on the wall.

I then painted each letter with a dark blue.
I painted a double coat of paint on to make the letters bright and bold.

I think this it turned out cute and will be a great way to tell the story
and review each week's pictures.
On the other half of the wall we started the mural. 
We went online and found a picture of Jonah we liked and then
using the projector, Mason traced the picture on the wall.

He then worked on painting and then outlining the picture again in black.

I think it turned out fabulous and I think the kids will really like it. 
We still need to add a few things to the mural to make it more interactive
 but we made a lot of progress on it today!
This year, each child will be writing out the whole Book of Jonah. 
I found this pack of small, plain notebooks at Hobby Lobby.  
On the first night of class, each child will receive letter stickers
to spell out "Jonah" and their names on the front cover, along with a whale sticker. Again I think they look absolutely adorable!
Today I also ordered Joni, our new puppet and a few whale craft items
that we'll be using throughout the year.  I still have a hundred little things to finish but I am so excited to start Bible Adventures on September 7th! 
I really think this year will be one of our best years ever as we learn more about God through His Word and memorize verses that will help us
 as we trust, lean on and serve God in our daily lives!