Friday, July 10, 2015

Senior Pictures and College (College for the Dogs that is!)

I was honored when I was asked to do Senior pictures for one of the girls in our church.  This girl is truly the most beautiful girl on the inside and out! 

We had so much fun running all over Cheyenne, taking pictures
 of her in her favorite places.
The pictures turned out great and I will be putting together a photo graduation announcement for her.
While I was off playing my husband was getting the church flower beds ready for Revival next week.  I wish I would have thought to take a before picture because the flowerbed was in very bad shape and needed a lot of tending!
After trimming the rose bush, weeding and washing all the white rocks
so looked white again, he started planting new flowers to add
some much needed life and color to the bed.
It looks so much better than it did and will not be such an eyesore
when we have visitors come to church.

Caesar and Mark Anthony took their monthly stroll to college this afternoon.  The church is not fenced or enclosed except in the backyard where the college has a wire fence up to keep the rodeo stock in the college fields.  The boys usually do very good staying on church property but about once a month they squeeze through the fence, investigate the horses and cows, roll in manure, go swimming in the college pond and roam the college grounds.  College security is the best and has us on speed dial to call us when they see the boys wandering the grounds.  When we got them home, we gave them a bath which they hate and they are now moping because they are in trouble!
Its' so hard being a dog! 

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