Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Getting Ready For Ladies G.A.B. Night

Yesterday was Ladies G.A.B. Night and no matter how much I prepare
I always end up running all day getting ready.
For my devotion I usually use whatever God has been showing me
 in my personal studies.  This month I have been studying Number 14:24, where is talks about Caleb having another spirit.  This was a wonderful word study on what kind of spirit God wants us to have.  Also Numbers 14:24 tells how Caleb followed God fully.  We will have the right spirit in us if we are following God fully and totally with all our hearts. (Deuteronomy 11:1)  God had been putting this devotion on my heart and mind for the last two weeks so I was able to write it out in quickly.
I had just finished writing my devotion out when my husband called
and said we had gotten the date wrong for Food Bank and that they were here!  This is the second month we have been off on the weeks and not ready!  I ran over to the church and helped unload and get boxes ready to give out.   By the time we got done my morning was gone!

The last few days here have been rainy, dreary, and cold so I decided to throw together a quick pot of potato soup.  I set the potatoes to cook and came back later and mashed up the potatoes and added milk and seasonings.  The ladies said it was good and just what was needed on a cold day!
For our craft time I knew we were going to finish working
on the Kleenex boxes we started last month.  These will go in the sanctuary and match the remodeling we just did.  I took time to string all the needles and start the patterns on each square so everyone could just start in
and I wouldn't have as much explaining to do.  This has actually been one of the favorite crafts of our ladies!

We were missing a lot of ladies last night with vacation
and summer activities but we had so much fun.  Awesome ladies, great food, fun crafts and of course wonderful Words from our precious Lord and Savior.  What a great combination!

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