Saturday, September 22, 2012

Baking for the Building

Several of our ladies have wanted to help give to the building fund
but because they are older or are stay at home mom's, don't have a way to make extra money.  One of our sweet ladies approached us and asked if she could buy a table at a craft fair in her town.  She then asked all the ladies to bake goodies for the sale.

All the ladies out did themselves and made cookies, cakes, bread
and homemade chocolates!  We sold a lot of goodies and of course all the profits from today go to the building.
Miss Nel rented the booth space for us and had her own booth next to it.  She has a jewelry business she has named "He is > than I."  She makes the most beautiful necklaces and bracelets! 
We had so much fun talking to everyone that came by and and talking and laughing with each other.
When I came home I was so surprised to see all the progress they had
made on the building today.  It is going up so fast!
They finished one side and put the doorway
in for one of the emergency exits.

I then got to watch as they put the insulation and siding
up on one of the ends.
We were surprised to hear they would be back early tomorrow morning
but my husband just invited them to take their lunch break during
church time and come join us for church services.  


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