Sunday, September 23, 2012

Another Wonderful Sunday in the Lord's House

We were so excited to see Delbert and Jemina today! 
Delbert and Jemina used to ride the church bus when they were younger
 but as they became teens they stopped coming.  We had an awesome discussion in teen class with Jemina asking lots of questions about God and Jesus and eternal life.  I am praying for both of their salvation's and praying that the continue to ride the bus!
This morning's sermon was so good!  Pastor Chep taught on the good Samaritan but brought out key words out of the verses showing how Jesus is the good Samaritan.  We also had several visitors this morning, two families and a single man.  It was so good to see the church so full!
One of our young men got baptized this morning. 
Zach got saved several months ago and wanted to follow his salvation with believer's baptism.

While we were in church the guys finished another side of the building
and put another door in the open end.

We had several visitors again tonight and our little building
was stuffed full! 

Chandler and Saraina dedicated baby Keith tonight and I cried as the members of our church gathered around them and formed a hedge around them and promised to pray for them and help them
as they raise Keith for God.
We also said goodbye to a very dear family.  Wayne and Sarah are one
 of our military couples and they are moving to Florida this week. 
Sarah had just gotten saved two years ago right before we moved here and with many prayers we saw her husband Wayne saved last year.  We also got to see their son Allen accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior. 
We have watched this couple grow in the Lord and dedicate their lives to Him and although we love them and hate to see them go, we know that God has a wonderful plan for them where ever they go.

Of course we couldn't have a going away party
without some great food and fellowship!

With our little church growing so much we hardly had room for everyone!  Almost all the kids and few adults escaped outside to find a somewhere to sit.  We will be so happy to have the new sanctuary up and finished and the old sanctuary remodeled to a new fellowship hall!
Praising God for another wonderful Sunday in His house!

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