Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Flowers and Encouragement

Several weeks ago the Lord put it on my heart to do something more
for ladies in our church.  I prayed and prayed and asked God to show me
 how I could minister and encourage them more.  As I prayed He told me to buy flowers each week and pick one of the ladies and then go visit
with them and give them the flowers.
This week I knew one of our ladies was really struggling and having a hard time so I bought her flowers and made her a card.

I found these cards at Michael's and thought they were so cute. 
I usually do not make cards but thought it would help make the ladies feel special.  I wrote several encouraging Bible Verses in the card and let her know I am praying for her.  I then called and asked if she would be home and she said no.  I prayed and felt God still wanted me to give flowers to this lady so I took them to her work and they were waiting for her when she went into her office tonight.  She called me tonight and told me thank you and said how much the flowers and encouraging words meant to her.  I really think I am going to love this new ministry to my ladies!

This morning my husband called me over to the church
to see that the insulation to half the roof was up!

They then started to put the roof panels on.  We are getting
 a seamless roof put on where there will be no screws, nails or bolts used
and thus no chance of a leaking roof in the future.  Special clips are used to hold the roof together and to the building frame.  When they put the first roof panel in place they found out that the company had shipped us the wrong roof clips.  Because of this they are unable to work on the roof until the clips come in, which could be days.

Sadly, they then took the insulation back off the roof and headed to another job site.  The building was going to be done tomorrow but now it looks like it won't be finished for another week.  We know that
 God is in control of this situation and praying
that He will work everything out quickly!

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