Friday, February 17, 2017

My New Candy Machine - AKA Behavor Motivator

For years I used this gumball machine for a behavior motivator and it worked so well.  The kids would sit up extra straight and tall and would listen very carefully so they could win a chance at getting a gumball!   Several years ago someone tipped it over and it broke!  It was at a time when I was no longer teaching Jr. Church so I never replaced it.  This year I am again helping teach in Jr. Church and after a rough class last week of disruptive kids I decided we needed to implement this again.
I looked online at gumball machines, but they wanted over a hundred dollars for one that was the size I wanted and wasn't plastic.  I told my husband I would just have to come up with another idea for a behavior motivator when he asked me why I didn't just use our boys old one.
When my boys were teenagers, their Aunt Carol tried to help them to become entrepreneurs and make their own money by giving each boy their own candy machine.  For several years they had these machines in their dad's workplace and made a little bit of change.  When we moved to Wyoming and one boy went to college, the machines went into our storage shed and have been sitting there for years.  My husband got one of the machines out and I washed it up and took it into my Jr. Church room.

I filled the three candy containers with Mike and Ike's, Skittles, and Reese's Pieces.

I then took a bag of peanut M&M's and separated the colors.

I put the green M&M's in the Reese's Pieces, the blue ones in the skittles and the yellow ones in the Mike and Ike's and then mixed the M&M's into the candy.

Every Sunday I'll give a quarter to the best behaved girl and boy in the class.  (I'm a softie and if the whole class is being good, the whole class will get quarters!)

If they just get candy and no M&M, the simply get to eat their handful of candy.

But if they get a special M&M in their handful of candy, they then get to pick a prize out of the Treasure Chest.
I got this foot locker years ago from a thrift store for a dollar.  I spent some time cleaning it up and painting it and I have used it in my Bible Adventure Club and my Jr. Church for many years.

Inside are all kinds of fun things I have found on clearance.  Small stuffed animals, cars, puzzles, jump ropes, ect.  The kids just love picking out of the treasure box!  
Looking forward to Sunday and using our new behavior motivatior!

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