Sunday, January 11, 2015

Photo Day 2015

Church today was simply amazing and one reason was that the spirit was so sweet.  The last year has been rough and we have had gossiping and discontentment among some of our people.  Over the last six months we have lost six families and although it is always hard to lose families, along with these families all the gossip and discontentment left too.  Thus leaving behind a sweet spirit with a body of believers who love the Lord and love each other too!  We have also had new visitors every week for the last couple of weeks along with returning visitors from the weeks before.  Of course the preaching has been convicting, encouraging and thought provoking too! 
After the morning services we had planned to have an afternoon of food, fun and photos.  It was wonderful to spend time with our church family.
First we had a table spread with all kinds of fruit to snack on while everyone waited for their time with the photographer. 
Everyone brought in old family photos of themselves and we
had so much fun looking at the pictures and trying to figure out which
 church member was in each photo.
Everyone guessed who they thought it was and the one who guessed the most right, will get a prize after tonight's services.
We are so blessed to have a couple of ladies in our church who take professional style photos and they did an amazing job!  It took several hours but they were able to get smiles out of everyone!
I am so excited that they used a green screen and will be able
 to fit each picture with it's own background.  I know the pictures are
going to look gorgeous!  It was a wonderful day in God's house and although I am extremely tired I am looking forward to services tonight! There is no better place to be than in God's house with a church family you love!

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