Saturday, January 10, 2015

Our First Titus Girl Meeting

We had such a blast at the first Titus Girls meeting!  We started with a devotion on the Bibles definition of a woman and how the world has distorted this.  We went through the Titus woman and some of the things they would be learning this year in Titus girls.  We really had a great discussion.
For lunch we made Cheesy garlic pull apart bread, and Italian tortellini
and also Italian chocolate cake for dessert. The girls loved cooking and learned a few new things and of course we cleaned the kitchen
as we cooked, and it was totally clean when we finished. 

For our sewing project we learned how to sew buttons on. 
This is a simple task but so useful to know!  A couple of the girls had never sewed a button on before and it was so delightful to watch their faces light up as they finished the project and shouted, "I did it!".

Since we were using buttons I decided to show the girls
how to make button bracelets.  They loved it rummaging through my collection of buttons and finding the prettiest ones and they
loved turning those buttons into a bracelet! 

After three hours of learning and crafting the girls did not want to go!  They are already looking forward to next months meeting and as they were leaving said they hoped they had as much fun next month as they did today!
After the Titus Girls I had a couple of hours of office work to do
and then Chand and Saraina brought Little Man over for us to watch for a few hours.  As I sat and played blocks with him I was taken back to 20 years ago when his daddy was this age because Little Man is the mirror image
of his daddy!  Sitting and playing with this wonderful little one was
 a great way to end a great day!

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