Thursday, January 2, 2014

My 2014 Goal List

A couple of years ago I got the idea to make a goal list from Money Saving Mom.  I am a list person and love having a list of goals to reach for daily, weekly or monthly.  At the end of every year I really try to look at myself and see what areas I need to grow spiritually in or what things I need to get done but I am just not getting to.  After several weeks or months, the goals become habit for me and I see a change in my life in these areas.
Although my daily list looks long and most days we are usually very busy with the ministry, my list fits me and I am able to accomplish everything on it, IF I get up by a decent time in the morning. 
Since we don't get to bed until almost midnight most nights, 6:30 is my goal time every morning and I usually do well with that. 
Some of the things on list are basic and just there to keep
me accountable to myself such as my Bible and Prayer time but others are things I really need to work on like calling or texting my family daily. 
My family is spread all over the US and my mom is always telling me how hurt everyone is because I am too busy to talk to them. 
Too often this is true,(Sadly weeks and weeks go by sometimes without me talking to them!) so it is my goal to make my family more
of a priority by calling or texting someone everyday. 
In church I am very youth and kid oriented and teach Jr. Church and Wednesday Night Bible Adventures and it seems I am always busy with kids.  I have had several older ladies tell me they wish I more time for them so that also is my goal this year, to call or text one of our church ladies every day to give encouragement or just a listening ear.
I also have told God I would hand out one tract a day,
every day for the whole year.  I am generally a shy person so it has been difficult for me to walk up to someone I don't know in the store parking lot and hand them a tract.  I am praying that as I do this everyday it will be easier and it will turn into a joy instead of such a burden to just get it done and over!  I also have a goal of blogging at least 3 to 5 times a week, definitely a goal I will need to work on!
I am really excited to work on my goals everyday and seeing how these goals change me and help me be a better vessel for God's use!
Have you set any goals this year to help you grow as a wife, mother, or Christian?  I would love hear what they are! 

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