Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Just One More Tract

One of my goals this year is to hand out one tract a day.  Over the past twenty years I have gone out door knocking weekly and handed out thousands of tracts, witnessed to random people I meet and given them all a tract but for some reason I am having the worst time walking up to people and just handing them a tract!  Every day I go to the store and as I come out, I walk to my car and scan the parking lot and ask God to show me who He wants me to hand the tract too.  I really haven't felt God directly show me anyone so I walk up to the closest person I see and ask them if they'll accept this tract from me and explain I have promised God I would hand one out every day this year.  A few people have looked a little weary of taking it but when I tell them I promised something to God they all take it. 
Monday night around eleven o'clock, I was finishing my nightly
 Bible study and getting ready to head to bed when I realized that I had not given out a tract that day!  With the wind chill it was almost -30 degrees out and freezing cold!  I seriously sat there thinking,
 would it hurt if just today, just this once I skipped handing out a tract.  I was instantly convicted I had to go hand out a tract because if I skipped one day it would be so easy to skip another.  I went and told my wonderfully sweet husband who drove me to the nearest store so we could find someone in the parking lot so I could hand my tract out. 
Do you know who is walking out in the parking lot in -30 degree weather?  No one!  In the shopping complex there was a Silver Mine Sub shop so I asked my husband to stop and I ran and handed the tract to the cashier there.  He was seriously looking at me like I was crazy but he took the tract! 
So after today and handing a tract to a cable guy who was at my friends house, I have 356 days left to hand out just one more tract!

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  1. I am so thankful you wrote about this! I have a really hard time accepting the idea of churches not willing to share the Gospel to people in this area all because it is a small community. The pastors are neglecting this one thing that is required of us Christians and since they are not living the example, the people do not see a need for this. I can't help but think about all the souls who will go into eternity NEVER hearing the plan of salvation because "Christians" don't see a need for sharing. I pray the Lord uses your tracts, Amy.