Saturday, August 4, 2012

Pregnancy Pictures and More Progress

This morning started with a Married Ladies Bible study. 
While my husband gathers with the men at the church, the ladies gather at my house and we study how we can have stronger, Christ honoring marriages.  We are looking at ourselves and saying "Lord Change Me!"  Today I titled our study, "Are you growing up or just growing older".  We talked about maturity and how we need to apply the principles of the Bible to our lives and be mature and not childish in our marriage.  We have so much fun together as ladies that we end up talking for several of hours each Saturday!

After Bible study, Sarian and Chandler asked for me to help
them take maternity pictures.  We went to a park that is downtown and
 just a couple blocks from the capitol building. 
Chandler took this picture because we think it is so funny!

This is the sign you see as you go down the stairs to enter the park. 
 What else do you do with a detention pond but turn it into a park!  It is actually a cute little park that has a tennis court
and room to run and play.

I think the pictures turned out so cute!

Our church looks like a disaster zone as the men worked on digging trenches for the sewer and water lines to the new building.

Praying that no kids run and fall in the trenches that now cover a majority of the church grounds.  We will be watching everyone extra carefully tomorrow!  My poor sweet husband was at ER all night and until  the early moring hours with one of our members.  He got a couple hours a of sleep this morning before all the men arrived for Bible study and digging.  Praying he will get some sleep tonight so he will be refreshed and ready to preach God's Word tomorrow!

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