Monday, July 16, 2012

We Got It!

We finally, finally got our building permit! 

Last Monday my husband was told once again that we were denied for our building permit.  For almost five months the man that has been in charge of issuing our permit has come up with reason after reason to deny our permit.  Finally my husband had had enough!  According to county requirements there was no real reason for us to be denied our permit.  My husband threatened to call the county commissioner and the man in charge grudgingly said he would approve us.  Last week was so hectic with my husband's heart attack that he was not able to follow up.  Friday one of our deacons went to pick up our permit and sat in the office, as again, the man in charge of issuing our permit told him that we should not be able to get the permit but that it had been approved.  Why all the hassle in getting our permit?  We truly do not know why, but we do know that every church who has applied for a permit in the last five years has had the worst time trying to get their permit approved!

We are praising God that we now have the permit and that we can start the cement work and get the building up! 

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