Monday, August 8, 2016

And We Have Started.....

Vacation Bible School day #1
I love listening and watching the kids sing and do the hand motions
for the Bible songs and of course the kids love them too!  Our story this year focuses on the life of Herbert Brings and all the songs are verses
that go with his life of surrender and service to God.

In our missionary story today, we saw Herbert get saved and surrender to go to the mission field.  Along his journey he had some wonderful mentors and people who encouraged him, including Mother Chapman who gave him his first Bible and also always gave him sweet treats to eat!

Herbert was in the Navy when he surrendered his life to the Lord
but there were always some sailors that would try to get him to drink and
party with them.  Of course he never did!

The offering race is favorite every morning! 
This year I am sitting with Little Man on the boys side and
teaching him to cheer for the boys.  "Boys, Boys, Boys!"

I was doing secretary work today and didn't get many pictures but I did catch Little Lady in the foyer trying to wear one of the game cones!

It looks like our sanctuary is really empty this year and that's because it is!  We lost a lot of our bus kids this past year and we had a lot of kids sick and miss the first day.  We are praying for more kids tomorrow but no matter how many kids we have, each one is important and we are excited
to share the Good News of Christ with them!

Teen games tonight were all about Frisbees. 
They are listening carefully before heading out to play.

After a message on being a soldier for Christ,
the teens cooled of with ice cream floats.

When teens throw away their cups but want more pop........

And they ended the night playing "King of the Picnic Table" with Pastor Mason.  A game that gets very rough but they love!  Thankfully they listened when I told them no broken bones and no ER visits tonight!

Tomorrow is another day of VBS, another day to love on these kids,
and another day to serve our Savior! 

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