Monday, January 4, 2016

A Vow to God and Halfway There!

On August 15th I said I was finally done! 
I was done being fat and out of shape!  I vowed a vow to God
and as you know a vow to God is very serious and not something you break.  I knew that a vow to God would be the only way I would be totally faithful to what I planned to  do.  I promised God that for one year I would not eat any sugar, pops, chips, fried food or any fast food.  I can honestly say I haven't had one taste of any of those things.  I have had a love affair with fast food and sugar and it has been so hard to totally cut those thing out of my diet! It has been especially hard when my family has eaten hamburgers and fries or candy bars in front of me, but I have remembered my vow
 to God and overcome every temptation!

Today I hit my first goal and have lost 50 pounds!!!  I am so excited!!! 
 I am halfway to my total weight loss goal and only have 50 pounds
left to lose!   My goal date to lose all my weight is August 15th when my brothers, mom and I fly out to Delaware to attend my brother's Military retirement ceremony and then we will be taking my mom to New York City
for her 70th birthday!  ( mom's dream is to go to
New York City and has no idea we are taking her!)
I have loved throwing out all my clothes that no longer fit
and I love buying clothes in smaller sizes! I feel so much more confident and so much more happier as all that weight not only weighed down my body
but my attitude and spirit!  I am thanking God for helping me
and will keep relying on Him as I continue to lose weight! 

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