Thursday, January 1, 2015

A New Year and New Goals

We rang the New Year in my favorite way last night, spending it with our church family.  We sang, gave praises,shared testimonies, played Bible Jeopardy and of course ate!  At midnight we prayed in the New Year and asking God to help us to grow as individuals and a church body.
A little before ten, Little Man crawled up behind me and hugged me
 as he fell asleep.  You can't get much better than that!
I did well in my goals last year.  I handed out a tract 364 days last year because I forgot one day!  I learned so much about me and others as I daily went out to find someone to hand a tract to and try to share the gospel with.  (I'll share more in another post.)  I looked at my goals from last year and after praying about it, I changed a few things and kept other things.  I am excited for my new goals and started out today with accomplishing all my daily goals!
This year I am keeping my Bible schedule the same, studying and praying three times a day as Daniel did, also memorizing a verse a day. 
I had such a sweet fellowship with God this morning!  I am working on loving my husband better and giving him sweet reminders of my love daily, whether it is a small gift, a text message or a love note.   I started a no sugar, no chips. no pop, fast food, or other junk food diet.  I actually started this three weeks ago and have already lost 13 pounds!  Along with my diet I plan on reaching all my goals for my Fitbit everyday this year.  I also have a few other goals like working at the church daily, picking up or deep cleaning her or there, working on the church and parsonage lawn more
and also getting back into blogging a few times a week!
 I also am going to work on all the unfinished crafts I have in my closet.  A lady in our church bought this specialized yarn for me a couple of years ago and asked me to crochet her a couple of necklaces out of it.  I started working on it today and should finish the first one tomorrow.
My husband told me last week he wanted a banner made representing the theme God has given him for our church this year.  He wanted to pick out the fabric but didn't get a chance to go to the store until yesterday to get it.  So today we spent many hours cutting out letters for the banner.

My husband is so sweet and sat and cut letters out
as he watched the Bowl games today. 
Tomorrow I will work on getting the letters on the banner and getting the banner edged.  Can you guess what verse we will be using on the banner?
Since I can no longer eat junk food or fast food I am going to try
to do better with dinner.  I am also a Pinterest addict so instead of just spending time pinning all these wonderful recipes,
one of my goals is to actually start making some!
Tonight I made Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken. Soooooo Yummy!
Like I said I really excited about my goals this year and looking forward to what 2015 brings to our church and family!

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