Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Chips and Dip Night

After services Sunday Night we had a chip and dip fellowship
 and we had so much fun!  We are always looking for new ideas for fellowships and when someone suggested having a chips and dip
 night we thought it was a great idea.  

Our church is blessed with so any good cooks and everyone loved
 trying all the sweet and savory dips that were brought.
I even caught one of our teens licking all the dip
off his plate  as it was so good!

For services Sunday Night we had seventy people and trying
 to fit seventy people in the little room we are currently using as the fellowship hall was a huge stretch!  We have stopped putting tables up and just try to fit enough chairs n the room for as many as we can fit.
People ended up finding a seat wherever they could. 
I love our older ladies who found a table in preschool Sunday School room.   
They happily sat and laughed and joked with the kids and teens as they ate.
We had so many bags of chips and so much dip I thought
 there was going to be a lot left but by the end of the night bowl were being scraped clean and only a couple of bags of chips remained.  Everyone loved the fellowship and I had several people ask me if we could turn it into a chip and dip cook-off for next year.  Definitely an good idea! 

Sunday Night we also had the Vong family, missionaries to Cambodia,
 with us.  Their video was very so touching and his preaching was so good.  My husband had several people approach him and tell him how they had been convicted through this man and his families burden.
His children blessed us by singing "I am Blessed" and not only are his children adorable but they have amazing voices!
It was another wonderful Sunday in God's house and I was truly blessed to once again be in God's house to be fed spiritually and physically.

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