Saturday, August 17, 2013

Little Man and VBS

Little Man was so excited to be a part of VBS this year.
I really think he just loved all the attention and cookies he got!
Singing VBS songs with Momma.
Listening to Amma narrate the Missionary Story. (This is my favorite picture!)
Taking a cookie break.
Playing with the Missionary props.
Eating Cheetos with the teens.

Eating more cookies!

Playing frisbee with the teens.
Walking and talking with all the kids.  He got so much attention this week and was constantly being passed between all the kids.

Singing VBS songs with Poppa.
Helping Daddy fill water ballons for the teen water fight.
Taking a nap during verse time.
Momma got smart and knew someone would feed him a chocolate cookie and put a bib on him to keep him clean.

Helping make the kids award certificates.
Look at my sticker!  (He tried to eat it a short time later!)

Miss Mary even made him a award with stamps for everytime he gave us that adorable smile! 

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