Friday, May 3, 2013

Shopping and Quilting

This week has been very quiet and laid back, which has been so nice! 
Some weeks it seems like we are up and running from dawn to midnight every day, so I have really enjoyed the slower pace this week.
Mason leaves in three weeks for training in California and then he will head to Camp Grace, where he will be part of the Operational Staff for the summer.  Today we went shopping for things that he needed and a few things he wanted.  Mason is a huge hiking, hunting and survivalist guy so we had so much fun finding stuff for his backpack.  Among the many things we found was a snakebite kit that he says is essential for his pack.  
Let's pray that he never has to use it!  Last year, Camp Grace was destroyed by a forest fire so they will be rebuilding with several mission teams and the teen camp helping out at the first of summer.  They are praying to have a few buildings up before the junior camps start in July. 
It will be a huge adjustment with Mason gone but we are excited to see how God will use him and guide him this summer!
I also spent time working and praying on Ben's quilt and finished the second square.  Now that I post the picture I don't think it turned out like I wanted and actually reminds me of a swastika!  I think I will go back and change it!  I love technology and am able to text with Ben everyday.  He is doing well but asks for prayers as he says it is so dangerous there!
My sweet husband came over from his office and offered to take me out on a date.  I was so excited to get all dressed up and spend some time with him.  We had a very nice and relaxing dinner and were able to talk and laugh.  After dinner we went shopping and I have to say I am a very lucky lady.  Unlike other men, one of my husband's favorite activities is shopping!  He loves going store to store to find all the bargains and never rushes me as we shop.  Tonight we went to Kohl's and found several dress shirts for only $4 dollars!  Mason loves to roll the sleeves up these and wear them untucked for a causal everyday shirt.  We got him several for his trip and are praising God for providing Mason some new shirts at such an amazing price!

As for my Clutter Busting today, I put several things in the donation box.  Four snowman plates, a snowman bowl, a snowman wall hanging, a red doily table runner, electric candles,  a liquid potpourri pot and a set of bear coasters.  My husband saw the bear coasters and tried to steal them out of the box.  He loves bears and I think he actually bought these many years ago.  I asked him when the last time he used them was and he had to admit that it had been several years ago.  I had to laugh as he grudgingly gave up the coasters and I gave him a good long kiss for his sacrifice. 
He will do anything for a sweet, romantic kiss! 
Hmmmm..........I wonder how many kisses I have to give him in order for him to let me go through his desk, I know there is a ton of clutter there!  

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