Friday, May 24, 2013

Little Things and Big Things

It seems like our days are full of so many things that keep us busy. 
Some are small everyday things and some things are bigger
 and out of the ordinary.
Sarina and I went couponing and got some great deals. 
When I got home my hard working husband was out mowing the church lawn with the push mower.  Our church lawn is huge and we usually use the riding lawn mower but after not being used all winter, the rider had two flat tires and a dead battery.  The lawn needed mowed so he started push mowing it.  After he had mowed for three hours I took over and mowed to give him a rest.  It got dark before we could finish so we it is on the list
of things that need done tomorrow!
 This evening a gentleman called the church and said
he was trying to earn money for a bus ticket and asked if we had anything for him to do.  Most people who want money from the church do not want to work for it but simply want a handout.  My husband told this man if he came to our church we would put him to work and pay him for it. 
He showed up a little while later and was ready to work!  This man was so nice and after talking to him a little while we found out he only needed to get three more hours up the road where he had a job lined up.  My husband told him since it was only three hours up the road, that he would drive him there tonight.  The man was overwhelmed and couldn't stop thanking my husband.  Of course my husband sees three hours of drive time as the perfect opportunity to witness to this man and get him saved! 
My husband should be back at 4 am, just in time to grab a little shut eye before men's prayer meeting tomorrow.
Little things like mowing the lawn or big things like taking time out to drive a stranger up the road, it's all just another day in the ministry!


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