Thursday, September 6, 2012


I was texting my friend today and we were just making each other laugh! 
In one of her texts she was agreeing with me and said "What Godincidence, so do I!".  We do not believe that anything just happens by chance or coincidence but everything is by the hand of God.
Godincidence!  Gotta to love it!
Today we had food bank and after we made up our boxes we went and delivered them to some of the new families we met last month. 
   One of my favorite visits was the Crom's. Mrs. Crom is almost 90 years old and Mr. Crom is 93!  They were so thankful for everything we took them and told us over and over again, how much they appreciated it.  So sad to see such wonderful people struggling and we are praying for God to show us other ways to help these dear people that God has given us to love and minister to.

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