Thursday, July 26, 2012

Snake and Cake

As my husband and I were on our morning run, my husband was running several feet behind me as he was running with our Great Dane who did not want to run today.  I had my eyes on a mile marker ahead and was pushing it to trim some time off my mile.  Suddenly I heard my husband yell at me and I stopped and turned to him.  He pointed at a spot on the sidewalk I had passed and there lay a huge, coiled up bull snake!

Chep said Shebear stopped running and wouldn't budge
 but was looking at the sidewalk ahead.  Chep looked at the spot she was staring at and he saw me as I was ran and my right foot stepped an inch from the snakes head and then I stepped over it's body with my left foot.  The snake tried to strike at me and then at Koalie as we passed it but praise the Lord we were running and were out of it's reach within seconds.  When Chep called to me and I stopped I was several feet away from it.  I can not believe I did not see it and Chep says it was a miracle I did not step on it! 
Thanking God for His hand of protection this morning!

Today was Chandler's birthday!  He wasn't feeling the greatest but we still were able to celebrate and give him a cake and presents.

We thank God for the 20 years of adventure and fun we have been
 able to share with our son and thank God for the joy and laughter he has brought to our lives.  Love you so much Chandler!

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